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Birthdate:May 18, 1990
Anna +
Loves: Chocolate, adventure, sandwiches, Olaf(which is now a real puppy that was a welcome home present), Elsa and romance.
Hates: Betrayal, being alone, rules and Elsa shutting her out.
Fears: Losing her sister and water(although she has no idea why she fears water.)
Growing Up +
Anna is the youngest daughter born to Agdar and Idun Arendelle, the founders and joint CEOs of Arendelle Industries Inc. Despite being three years younger than her big sister Elsa, Anna was fearless, optimistic and adventurous. As children, Anna, who shared a bedroom with Elsa, would wake her sister up on a clear night where the moon shone brightly, illuminating the garden and pool, and convince her to sneak them out to play. This happened several times a week, and although their parents didn’t like the behaviour, they managed to sneak out and in, unnoticed most times. One night, they were up to their normal playful antics when Anna slipped and hit her head on the edge of the pool as she fell in. Unconscious and underwater, Elsa jumped in to save her, but she was only strong enough to pull her to the surface. By this point Anna wasn’t breathing, and Elsa screamed out for her parents. Within moments, their parents ran out, her father jumping in to pull the girls out. The doctor’s said, Anna had officially died that day.
Despite successful resuscitation, Anna’s heart had stopped for a longer than what was safe amount of time. She was kept in hospital for days, unconscious most of the time and under heavy observation. When she was able to go home, she had no memory of that night. The doctor’s said it was for the best, and her parents took their advice on not reminding Anna, fearful of the repercussions of such a trauma.
Hard Choices +
Although it was a hard decision for them, they decided it would be best to separate the girls, and send Anna away to a private boarding school. They thought it would give Anna the distance from her sister that they thought she needed to heal and grow, and Elsa the attention to teach and train her into a responsible woman, and the deserving heiress to the family company.
The day Anna was leaving for school, Elsa managed to sneak a small hand-made toy puppy that she named Olaf, into her bag, so she wasn’t so alone. She was eight years old when she was sent away, not understanding why she had to go, but her parents promised to visit her every weekend, and they kept it. Elsa was never with them, but her parents always had an excuse for why she wasn’t there. Anna missed her sister, but always managed to stay optimistic, constantly writing letters to her sister for her parents to take back, even though she never received any in return.
Devestation +
On Anna’s 17th year, her parents cancelled their weekend visit to Anna, when a company thing popped up. After managing to wrap things up early, they decided to make the drive out to Anna after all but leave it as a surprise. They never reached their destination. Midway into the drive, an oncoming truck swerved into their lane and wiped them out. When the news reached Anna, she was devastated. Her school allowed a weekend pass to return home for the funeral, but once there, she found herself alone at the service amongst a crowd of strangers from her parent’s family company. She tried to reach out to her sister, but to no avail and shortly after, returned to school.
What Happens Next +
Four more years passed before she finished her schooling and returned to her family home, eager to reconnect with her sister. By this point, her sister had taken control of the family company and was very different to the girl Anna had last seen many years ago.
(Disclaimer: Mun and Muse over 21. I do not own any part of Frozen, Disney or Emma Stone. This journal is for role playing purposes only. The idea of modern day Anna/Disney was inspired from these works.)

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